Battle Force 5
Proper tagging

This needs to be voiced.

despite what people think, there is a bit of BF5 activity on tumblr. It’s just it’s either not tagged, or tagged WRONGLY.

For example, tagging your BF5 posts with…”bf5”….is not a good idea. Ever heard of the band “Ben Folds 5”? or “bf5” for short? that’s what washes away all your bf5 posts when you tag it with that.

Plus, i don’t follow that tag with my main, so i’ll never see it, and it will never be reblogged. The best way to get noticed, is to tag your posts with “battle” “force” “5”, three different words.

You’re bound to be noticed by me, reblogged, and thus noticed by other fans! you can still keep the BF5 tag, just include the ones listed above to!


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